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Deb Brockmann

Anne - I honestly feel that unless we stop growing we'll never stop having that doubt. BUT! You're so right on - it gets better and easier to deal with as we become more self aware! Thank you for your thoughtful comment!!

Lovie - Awesome point! Those who wish to be true heroes often feel the MOST self doubt! Great point of view and comment - thank you!!!


I see that self doubt in some of the most amazing people. My doctor is one of them also. He wants to save the world. First of all we all are human and most people I believe do give it all they got and that is why these self doubt critters come to surface. Good challenge though Deb. That closet can be a scary place to go sometimes!

Anne Thompson

I COMPLETELY know what you're talking about! I feel so powerful and capable sometimes. But then, I am yanked back, sometimes on my own accord, and sometimes when someone makes even a slight remark questioning what I'm doing. I take that as an opportunity to dive into the dark pit of self-doubt and criticism. The fear is less and less gripping as I work through it and the things I can do are bigger and bigger. So that's cool.

Do you think there will come a time, in this lifetime, Deb, when that kind of self-doubt becomes a non-issue? I can only imagine the freedom I could feel!! Thank you for being brave enough to share what each one of us feels inside!

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