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Anne Thompson

I feel angry reading your words, Deb. It is so wrong for people to hurt others and judge like that. You're certainly right about your honest words falling on deaf ears. People only know what they know. I believe the more you let go of people who bring you down, the more space there is for those who lift you up to enter your life. You're doing amazing, staying centered on your path and continually evaluating how you can accept more responsibility for yourself and remain compassionate at the same time! I have so much respect for how you live your life! You deserve the best to come back to you!!!

Deb Brockmann

GREAT advice!! Thanks so much Krista!

Krista Polito

Congrats on your success. Screw anyone is isn't happy for you. Stay on your cloud and shine. No one can put it out. Next time you need a pick me up, think of a happy day with your journey and move to that. Keep up the happiness.

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