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Deb Brockmann

I LOVE this!!! Perfectly put! If you ever wish to "guest blog" let me know! Thank you for your awesome and well thought out comment!!!

Kim Weston Schenkelberg

Good to see you back! Sometimes it takes me a moment to read through your posts and glean the message that is meant for me. With this post, it is a reminder that I am not supposed to do one thing for the rest of my life. I don't need to see every project or challenge through to the end to show success but rather learn the message I am supposed to along the way and being fine with stopping mid-task if the lesson was learned. In our society, we tend to weigh things in finishing the end of the race and how successful one is or what there is to show for it at the end. It is better, for me, to have the intrinsic value of the lesson learned as opposed to the extrinsic value of what others see from me completing a task.

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